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California Modified Assessment (CMA)

General Information

The purchasable CMA is an assessment for students who have an individualized education program (IEP) that designates they can take the CMA. Assignment of the CMA is made in the student’s IEP only; a student’s Section 504 plan is not to be used to assign a student to take the CMA in any content area (although accommodations may be named in the Section 504 plan or in the IEP).

The CMA tests allow students with disabilities greater access to an assessment that helps measure how well they are achieving California's content standards and to provide information about how well schools and local educational agencies are meeting state and federal accountability requirements regarding English–language arts (ELA), mathematics, and science. The CMA are multiple-choice tests; in addition, eligible students in grades four and seven may also complete a writing assessment—the CMA for Writing—as a part of the CMA for ELA.

LEAs can purchase multiple-choice CMA for various subjects or the writing assessment for students in grades four and/or seven. The required grade-level CMA for Science are not available for purchase.

See the California Department of Education's California Modified Assessment Web page for more information about the CMA.

Further Information

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